GTI-5000 Real-Time Image Workstation

GTI-5000 Software

Glenbrook's GTI-5000 image processing software includes the advanced auto-BGA analysis software. These tools are incorporated into all new GTI-5000 software and are also available to all previous versions of the GTI-5000 as an upgrade.

The GTI-5000 can automatically set up grids and quickly provide analysis for ball grids arrays, including percent void, roundness size, and bridging.

Click the icon at right to see a preview version of the GTI-5000 in action. The GTI-5000 hardware/software combination is extremely FAST!


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The GTI-5000 includes the following features:

  • Sharpens live images continuously to increase resolution.
  • Reduces noise by real-time frame averaging up to 256 frames.
  • Produces ultra-high contrast.
  • Reveals image details with filters, zoom and contour relief.
  • Subtracts live images to detect small differences.
  • Allows you to create and save user-specified image files.
  • Annotates with labels, headers, arrows, and time/date stamps.
  • Saves up to 10 preset calibrations.
  • Reads image intensities of pixels, histograms, and line profiles.
  • Easy-to-learn operations with on-screen help.
  • Saves images to hard drive with a single click.
  • Prints entire screen or image with color graphics.
  • Saves measurement data directly to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Sends e-mail with the displayed image attached.
  • 3-D image rendering...and more.

The 3-D Rendering Tool, using greyscale values as the third dimension, provides graphic images that can be rotated for quick visual interpretation.

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