The Glenbrook Advantage

MXRAWhat is the Glenbrook Advantage?

Glenbrook Technologies has developed and patented the MXRA® real-time x-ray imaging camera with unmatched resolution, sensitivity and reliability.

The MXRA® camera performs, in effect, as an x-ray microscope; the development resulting from an in-depth knowledge of x-ray phosphors and night vision technologies.

The camera’s electro-optical control can be directed to variably magnify the high resolution x-ray detail for video display and to capture both dynamic fluoroscopic video and high resolution
x-ray image formats, at the lowest radiation levels and highest
reliability achievable.

The patented x-ray imaging technology developed by Glenbrook Technologies has been recognized by Wikibooks of Wikipedia as a decidedly new and advanced fluoroscopic technology; distinct from conventional digital imaging and demagnification fluoroscopy.

Glenbrook’s MXRA® technology you can inspect a wide range of materials

Plastics • Rubber • Ceramics • Silicones • Titanium • Steel • Bio-materials

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