MailScope (AT-RISK MAIL)

A high performance real-time X-ray inspection system designed for inspection of mail letters and packages.

The MailScope is an x-ray microscope scanning station, with motorized positioner, for the x-ray detection of elusive potential threats such as powders, plastic explosives, drugs and micro-circuitry.

  • Dessicants Co-Mixed With Dangerous Particulates
  • Black Powder, TNT Flakes and Semtex
  • Detonators, Match Heads and Incendiary Devices
  • RF Devices
Current Customers
  • CIA
  • Romanian Secret Service
  • Singapore Law Enforcement Academy

Nominal dimensions: 60” W x 33” D x 56” H (can be customized)
X-Y positioner scan travel: 18.5” x 8.3”
Imaging field of view: 50 mm
Magnification: 4 to 20 times, continuous zoom
Voltage requirement: 110 or 220 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Current Requirement: 15 amps
X-ray tube anode voltage: 20 kV to 70 kV, variable
Tube current: 100 microamps
Image resolution: 14 line-pairs per millimeter. Can resolve a 0.001 inch wire.
Image processor: GTI-1000 available with standard CPU


For the first time, small quantities of materials such as powders, granules, plastic explosives and very fine wires can be detected inside envelopes and parcels. MXRA x-ray technology, developed by Glenbrook, makes it possible. With MXRA, users can perform x-ray screening at 10 times or more the resolution of conventional systems and, at the same time, magnify a particular area of an object up to 20 times. In effect, the MXRA camera acts as a real-time “x-ray microscope.”

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Randolph, NJ 07869-1308 USA


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