The RTX Series

Glenbrook’s RTX Series of modular, real-time systems includes models designed to meet a variety of production requirements.

Photo shown with optional image processor

The JewelBox Series

Glenbrook JewelBox systems feature ultra-high resolution, powerful microfocus x-ray tubes, five-axis, and positioners.

MedaScope™ Desktop X-ray Inspection System

MedaScope Desktop

A full featured desktop real time x-ray inspection system ideal for inspection of low density materials used in medical devices, electronics and other small parts. Can be configured with any of Glenbrook’s line of image processing software.

Cath X


The Cath-X is a bench top system employing Glenbrook’s micro-fluoroscopy technology providing highly detailed x-ray video of the critical components of the needle device.



Patented fluoroscopic technology at a fraction of the cost of clinical C-arms. X-ray image resolution and magnification that opens new research possibilities.


Reel-to-Reel Option

Designed for automated inspection of reels of components to check for component authenticity. Includes GTI-4000 software to compare lead frames, die size and wire bonds of each part to your known good part. The software will identify any part outside the tolerance and save an image of each part.


The Compact Series

Our smallest Jewelbox micro focus x-ray system with dimensions of just 22”W x 26”L, small enough to fit on a standard desk, or small lab. Ideal for laboratory and failure analysis applications.



The MailScope is an x-ray microscope scanning station, with motorized positioner, for the x-ray detection of elusive potential threats such as powders, plastic explosives, drugs and micro-circuitry.


Image Processors

A number of image processing software packages are available. Features include frame averaging, measurement, text, label, marking, 3-D rendering, video recording and image storage. Additionally, BGA analysis and void measurement software can be added as well as other options.


Previously Owned Systems

Systems other than those shown may also be available.

The Bench-X

Watch The Bench-X, real time x-ray inspection system for continuous quality monitoring of small devices. You can add your own conveyor for inline inspection.

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