X-ray Inspection Systems Advancing Medical Device Development and Reliability

Glenbrook X-ray Technology Can
Protect Against Medical Device Recalls

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Our X-ray systems are ideal for:
Catheters Packaged Transcatheter Devices Biopsy Needles
Drug Delivery Devices Heart Valves Pacemakers
Vena Cava Filters Biopsy Markers Surgical Staples
Stents Robotic Surgical Arms Microelectronic Implants

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Port Opening
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Ideal for
longer devices


10-micron MicroTech™
x-ray source

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Our X-ray systems have been used by the FDA for medical device inspection and laboratories worldwide.

Ultra Compact Medical
The Ultra Compact Medical X-ray Technology

The smallest Micro focus x-ray system, but big in capabilities with >500x magnification, 5 axis manipulator and advanced image processing.

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The Cath-X
The Cath-X

A high resolution micro-fluoroscopic x-ray inspection system designed specifically for the inspection of very fine biopsy needles and catheters.

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The Bench-Top LabscopeThe Bench-Top Labscope

A micro-fluoroscopy system for small animal imaging with extraordinarily high resolution, variable magnification and the smallest foot print even seen.

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JewelBox Series
The JewelBox Series

The high magnification x-ray inspection instrument for quality assurance of critical devices, unique in its ability to image at a very broad range of voltages for both low and high-density materials. Using digital video recording, it allows internal moving parts to be observed as they deploy and recorded for replay.

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