Watch the latest client video from Radwell International and how they use Glenbrook's The JewelBox-70T for x-ray inspection of BGAs, counterfeit chips, and more.

JewelBox-70T, Real-time, High Resolution X-ray Inspection System with Crystal-X Imaging for up to 2000x Magnification


The JewelBox-70T delivers superior image quality with excellent resolution and sensitivity for laboratory and failure analysis applications. The system's patented XRTV X-ray camera and Crystal-X imaging plus a 10-micron MicroTech™ x-ray source provide magnification from 7X to 2000X, with resolution of 100 line pairs/mm.

The ability to manipulate the subject with the five-axis positioner and simultaneously view it from any angle allows the operator to produce accurate images quickly during failure analysis.

All JewelBox inspection systems come with the pre-installed GTI-5000 Image Processing Workstation. The extensive features of the GTI-5000, including Auto-BGA and void measurement, make the JewelBox-70T an ideal laboratory instrument to inspect electronic components and more. For customers who don't need the advanced capabilities of the GTI-5000, the economical GTI-1000 is available as an option.

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  • Operating voltage: 120v/220v/50-60 hz
  • Anode voltage: 80 kV (adjustable)
  • Anode current: 100 microamps (adjustable)
  • Magnification: variable from 7X to 2000X
  • Focal spot size: 10 micron
  • Focal spot to image plane distance: 13 7/16" (341.3mm) (factory preset)
  • Nominal exterior dimensions: 35 1/8"W x 43 1/8"D x 64 1/4"H (892.175mm L x 1095.375mm W x 1631.95mm H)
  • Inspection compartment dimensions: 28 1/2"W x 30" D x 23 3/4"H (723.9mm L x 1095.375mm W x 1631.95mm H)
  • Manipulator: five-axis joystick positioner
  • Image Processing: GTI-5000 image processing workstation pre-loaded on PC computer with monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Computer console


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