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Tuesday, January 23

9:30 am, Jan 2311:00 am, Jan 231:00 pm, Jan 233:00 pm, Jan 23

Wednesday, January 24

9:30 am, Jan 2411:00 am, Jan 241:00 pm, Jan 243:00 pm, Jan 24

Tuesday, January 30

9:30 am, Jan 3011:00 am, Jan 301:00 pm, Jan 303:00 pm, Jan 30

Wednesday, January 31

9:30 am, Jan 3111:00 am, Jan 311:00 pm, Jan 313:00 pm, Jan 31

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*We will send a confirmation email with download instructions the day prior to your webinar.

How to connect to The Labscope Webinar
Directions to download Cisco Spark
Download the app from:
You can install on either mobile or laptop/desktop.
Follow the steps to register a free account with your email address.
Please us know what email address you’re using by contacting

Please use a laptop, desktop or mobile version that has built in camera and microphone.

Firewalls can sometimes prevent Cisco spark from connecting.
Please check with your IT/Network administrator prior to the call to see if the your firewall will interfere with the connection.

If you have any questions, please contact Glenbrook Technologies at 800-600-8866.