Glenbrook Wins Edison Patent Award

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Glenbrook Technologies’ has been selected to be honored, by the Research & Development Council of New Jersey, as the 2013 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award Winner, in the Medical Devices category, for their patent titled Rotating X-Ray Apparatus for Inspection of Deployed Intravascular Devices, U.S. Patent 7,577,233.

The 34th Edison Patent Awards Ceremony & Reception will be held on the evening of November 7, 2013 at the Liberty Science Center, with the Awards Ceremony being held in the world’s largest IMAX Theater.

The Research & Development Council of New Jersey established the Edison Patent Award to recognize and honor New Jersey’s immensely talented scientists and inventors. Not only does this award allow inventors throughout the state to celebrate the achievements of other R&D colleagues, it also publicizes to the greater public the significant and beneficial societal impact of R&D being accomplished in our state. This recognition program is a cornerstone to the Council’s mission in advancing R&D in New Jersey.

Imaging Speaks Loudly to Medical Device Testing


By Gil Zweig, President, Glenbrook Technologies

Over the years, FDA has issued a number of documents that provide guidance for industry and FDA staff, with sections that address the application of x-ray inspection procedures in the testing of medical devices. The particular focus of these documents has been on cardiovascular devices, which include intravascular stents and associated delivery systems.
Document number 1545, issued in 2010, addresses non-clinical engineering tests and …….

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WikiBooks of Wikipedia recognizes Glenbrook Technologies’ patented x-ray imaging technology


The patented x-ray imaging technology developed by Glenbrook Technologies has been recognized by Wiki as a decidedly new and advanced fluoroscopic technology, distinct from conventional digital imaging and demagnification fluoroscopy.

Gil Zweig

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Ultra-Compact Microfocus X-ray System

Glenbrook Technologies redefines
X-ray Inspection with our smallest JewelBox Microfocus x-ray system yet. With dimensions of just 22”W x 26”L, it’s small enough to fit on a standard desk, in an office or small lab. But it’s big in capabilities with >500x magnification ,5 axis manipulator and advanced image processing.With dimensions of just 22”W x 26”L, it’s small enough to fit on a standard desk, in an office or small lab.Glenbrook Technologies redefines X-ray Inspection with our smallest JewelBox Microfocus x-ray system yet.

Congressman Frelinghuysen Visits Glenbrook

Our US Congressman from NJ’s 11 district, Rodney Frelinghuysen visited our company, Glenbrook Technologies today. It was a very
relaxed and informative presentation by Gil, our fearless leader. Congressman Frelinghuysen asked our employees lots of questions as he was interested in them
individually – what they do, where they come from, etc. I am sorry that everyone wasn’t in today, but here is a photo of our group.
Frelinghuysen Letter pdf

Glenbrook invited to National Institute of Health (NIH)

NIH Invites Glenbrook to Demonstrate Groundbreaking New X-ray Technology

(RANDOLPH, NJ) — Gil Zweig, President of Glenbrook Technologies, announces that the National Institute of Health (NIH) has invited the company to lecture on and demonstrate its high resolution,  real-time, x-ray imaging technology for small animal research. The x-ray imaging technology, developed and patented by Glenbrook Technologies, is used in the company’s LabScope system, designed for pre-clinical research employing small animals.  The LabScope system reveals extraordinarily magnified, highly detailed x-ray images of these animals’ miniscule anatomies.

“This type of detail was previously unobtainable by existing x-ray systems,” Zweig explains. He adds that “this result is accomplished at very low radiation levels, a benefit for both the researcher and the animal.”

Scientists and doctors depend on white rats and other research animals in their ongoing quest to prevent, treat and develop cures for cancer and other diseases in all their many forms.  Research entities using Glenbrook’s LabScope system include: The Center for Disease Control (CDC), Eli Lilly, US Army Medical Research (USAMRIID), Nationwide Children’s Hospital, CR Bard Research, The Hospital for Special Surgery and Columbia Orthopedics.

The NIH, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the nation’s medical research agency and the largest source of funding for medical research in the world. It is made up of 27 Institutes and Centers, each with a specific research agenda.  More than 80 percent of the NIH’s budget goes to more than 300,000 research positions at more than 2,500 universities and research institutions. In addition, about 6,000 scientists work in the NIH’s own Intramural Research Laboratories.

Below You can View Images taken with our Labscope machine at the NIH visit.