The World’s First BGA X-ray Reflow Movie

This video was captured using technologies developed by Glenbrook Technologies and described in patent numbers: 6,009,145 and 7,426,258.

The video dramatically shows the BGA self-aligning during reflow.
The process begins as the solder heats up, melts, and then wicks from the bump to the pad.

The wicking action of the solder pulls the BGA into place.

After alignment the solder balls are uniform and round.

Glenbrook Receives NJTC Award for “What’s Next in Medical Devices” 2015

The NJ Tech Council featured presentations focusing on new medical devices being developed by university and college researchers or at medical devices companies in the tristate (NJ, NY and PA area). Glenbrook Technologies gave a presentation by Jason Casatelli introducing the Bench-Top LabScope for Life Science Research and Training. The presentation discussed how the Bench-Top LabScope advanced new research for Dysphagia and provided training guidance for Cochlear Implants.

Center for Environmental & Life Sciences

Montclair State University

1 Normal Avenue

Montclair, NJ 07652

Many thanks to NJTC for presenting Glenbrook Technologies with this acknowledgement



Glenbrook is Recognized For Helping College Engineering Students

Since 2005, Glenbrook has been supporting engineering and technology students by establishing The Glenbrook Technologies Scholarship at the County College at Morris (CCM) in Randolph, New Jersey. “We formed  a scholarship because much of our futures will require talented young adults to design and build devices that will create and ensure the quality of all our lives,” notes Glenbrook’s founder Gil Zweig and his wife, Claire.

As part of the scholarship, all recipients work as interns at Glenbrook Technologies for hands-on experience to augment their academic work. “Innovation and invention both require academic and vocational knowledge.” says Gil Zweig, “And CCM provides the academic environment while our scholarship provides the rest.”

Meet Glenbrook’s College Scholarship Recipient, Philippe Clesca

Raised in West Orange, Philippe Clesca showed an early proficiency in technology, beginning with an online project at 16 which connected gamers worldwide in one place to interact, share and compete with one another.

“I fell in love with the challenge as well as the concept of computer science,” says Philippe. “The challenge is what hooked me, because rather than running from adversity, I run into it head on and try to overcome it.” As part of his scholarship, Philippe worked as an intern at Glenbrook this past March.

Today, more than half of Glenbrook’s employees are either CCM graduates or former students.


Glenbrook now manufactures x-ray systems for the inspection of Pearls. Software that can measure the nacre thickness.

Glenbrook Technologies manufactures real-time

x-ray inspection systems for the pearl

and gemological industries.


Measure nacre thickness rapidly with Glenbrook’s unique

x-ray imaging software.

Nacre Pearls X-ray

Pearl-4 Nacre thickness               Pearl-5 annoted

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Glenbrook Wins Edison Patent Award

RDNJ Ceremony
Edison Award Invitation _Page_1
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Glenbrook Technologies’ has been selected to be honored, by the Research & Development Council of New Jersey, as the 2013 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award Winner, in the Medical Devices category, for their patent titled Rotating X-Ray Apparatus for Inspection of Deployed Intravascular Devices, U.S. Patent 7,577,233.

The 34th Edison Patent Awards Ceremony & Reception will be held on the evening of November 7, 2013 at the Liberty Science Center, with the Awards Ceremony being held in the world’s largest IMAX Theater.

The Research & Development Council of New Jersey established the Edison Patent Award to recognize and honor New Jersey’s immensely talented scientists and inventors. Not only does this award allow inventors throughout the state to celebrate the achievements of other R&D colleagues, it also publicizes to the greater public the significant and beneficial societal impact of R&D being accomplished in our state. This recognition program is a cornerstone to the Council’s mission in advancing R&D in New Jersey.