Glenbrook Technologies and Emerald in the News

The private owner of the biggest rough emerald in the world approached Glenbrook Technologies to perform an x-ray study of the stone (actual gem shown here). Specifically, THE ULTRA COMPACT system would be utilized as it’s patented camera can identify the internal features and details of the emerald at low x-ray voltage. THE ULTRA COMPACT is also ideal for other precious gemstones and cultured pearls.

Emeralds, are the most famous and valuable green gems. It’s rarity, makes it one of the most expensive¬†gemstones in the world.

The emerald has previously gone through different studies performed by renowned gem entities.

Gil Zweig, President of Glenbrook Technologies, sees a great opportunity for growth, “Glenbrook x-ray inspection systems are presently used to evaluate pearls in Mynmar and industrial diamonds. This could be a turning point for us and the way gems are studied with our patented technology.”