The Cath-X

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Glenbrook Technologies introduces the Cath-X, a high resolution micro-fluoroscopic x-ray inspection system designed specifically for the inspection of

  • • Packaged Transcatheter Devices
  • • Catheters
  • • Very Fine Biopsy Needles

The Cath-X Request Product Information

The Cath-X is a bench top system employing Glenbrook’s micro-fluoroscopy technology providing highly detailed x-ray video of the critical components of the needle device. The transparent, safely shielded, view chamber permits the operator to locate the critical areas of the needle for inspection. The x-ray image can be further magnified using the electro-optical zoom feature of the Cath-X.Images can then be saved as jpeg or actual videos.


  • Operating voltage: 120v/220v/50-60 hz
  • Anode voltage: 35 kV (adjustable)
  • Anode current: 100 microamps (adjustable)
  • Magnification: variable from 7X to 100X
  • Focal spot size: 10 micron
  • Focal spot to image plane distance: 5" (127mm) (factory preset)
  • Nominal exterior dimensions: 8"W x 19 1/2"D x 22 3/4"H (203.2mm W x 495.3mm D x 577.85mm H)
  • Image Processing: GTI-5000 image processing workstation pre-loaded on PC computer with monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Computer console
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