Since 2005, Glenbrook has been supporting engineering and technology students by establishing The Glenbrook Technologies Scholarship at the County College at Morris (CCM) in Randolph, New Jersey. “We formed  a scholarship because much of our futures will require talented young adults to design and build devices that will create and ensure the quality of all our lives,” notes Glenbrook’s founder Gil Zweig and his wife, Claire.

As part of the scholarship, all recipients work as interns at Glenbrook Technologies for hands-on experience to augment their academic work. “Innovation and invention both require academic and vocational knowledge.” says Gil Zweig, “And CCM provides the academic environment while our scholarship provides the rest.”

Meet Glenbrook’s College Scholarship Recipient, Philippe Clesca

Raised in West Orange, Philippe Clesca showed an early proficiency in technology, beginning with an online project at 16 which connected gamers worldwide in one place to interact, share and compete with one another.

“I fell in love with the challenge as well as the concept of computer science,” says Philippe. “The challenge is what hooked me, because rather than running from adversity, I run into it head on and try to overcome it.” As part of his scholarship, Philippe worked as an intern at Glenbrook this past March.

Today, more than half of Glenbrook’s employees are either CCM graduates or former students.