advantage_photo1What is the Glenbrook Advantage?
Glenbrook Technologies has developed the MXRA® real-time x-ray imaging camera with resolution and sensitivity unmatched in the world today. The MXRA® camera performs, in effect, as an x-ray microscope. It’s development resulting from the combined, in-depth knowledge of x-ray phosphors and night vision technologies. The camera’s electro-optical control can be directed to variably magnify x-ray detail up to 40 times on a video monitor. The patented x-ray imaging technology developed by Glenbrook Technologies has been recognized by Wikibooks of Wikipedia as a decidedly new and advanced fluoroscopic technology, distinct from conventional digital imaging and demagnification fluoroscopy.
See link below for article reference. importantly it means that Glenbrook systems can magnify details up to 40 times without having to move the object towards the x-ray source, a common method of magnification referred to as “geometric magnification”. Geometric magnification requires costly micro-focus x-ray tubes while MXRA® magnification technology does not. This unique capability results in a high resolution x-ray inspection system that is more compact and lower in cost… some systems compact enough to fit on a desk.
The Glenbrook Advantage

And now, using Glenbrook’s MXRA® technology you can inspect a wide range of materials including:

• Plastics • Rubber
• Ceramics • Silicones
• Titanium • Steel
• Bio-materials
….and many others with high resolution and at very low x-ray exposures (less than 16 watts).
Contact Glenbrook’s president, Gil Zweig, to discuss how MXRA® x-ray microscope technology can be used to your advantage.